6 Guidelines for Writing Quality Software Requirements


Building a quality Software Requirement Specification (SRS) begins with writing quality individual requirements.  The process of building these requirements transforms the vision of the stakeholder into a tangible goal.

Experienced IT professionals know that the amount of attention given to this initial stage of a software development project has crucial implications downstream. In fact, studies have been performed showing that the re-work related to requirements errors consumes from 28% to over 40% of a typical project’s budget (Hooks and Farry, 2001).  Read more »

Determine if a Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tool is the Right Fit


Today’s tech savvy customers demand the ability to interact with brands through their mobile devices and companies have discovered the efficiencies that enterprise mobile applications can bring to their workforce. The shift to mobility everywhere, for everything, means that a solid mobile strategy is a priority for most organizations in 2013.

A shrinking number of organizations are able to concentrate on creating apps for one mobile operating system only, but most need to develop apps for a myriad of mobile devices and platforms that were never intended to interact with existing enterprise systems or each other. The chart below shows the market share mix of mobile operating systems as of March 2013. Read more »

Climbing Out of the Quicksand of IT Complexity


IT complexity is a challenge CIOs have been dealing with now for decades, but the added factors that have been brought on in recent years, such as the need to extend technology to a mobile workforce, have raised the complexity of IT to an entirely new level. This is a challenge that must be met with a long term strategy created by an IT leader in the organization who understands the relationship between business processes and IT. Otherwise, the ever increasing complexity of IT infrastructure can have serious impacts on the bottom line and the CIOs reputation as a thoughtful leader. Read more »

Lync 2013 Mobile Client Available for Windows Phone and iOS


Finally, users have the ability to place video and voice calls through the Lync mobile client using Wi-Fi or cellular data!

According to Microsoft, “Lync 2013 for Windows Phone extends the power of Lync to your mobile device – including voice & video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface.” Read more »

Office 2013 Licenses Now Transferable


Good news for Microsoft Office users, Office 2013 owners may now legally transfer their license from one PC to another up to once every 90 days.

After much criticism of its previous policy by customers, Microsoft has amended its Office 2013 license agreement. The agreement covers Office Home and Student 2013, Office Professional 2013, Office Home and Business 2013, all of the standalone Office 2013 applications, and is effective immediately. The revised transferability options are equivalent to those found in the Office 2010 retail license terms. Read more »

Handling Date/Time in SQL Azure


If you are starting to work with SQL Azure, there are many differences from development in SQL 2005, 2008, 2012, etc. to be considered. One of the differences to keep in mind is that SQL Azure stores the data of Date/Time in UTC format when it is generated within the database using date/time-related system functions. Similarly, time data will be in UTC format when you check the system tables stored

The following example shows this: Read more »

Cloud E-Mail is Not for All

Cloud Email is Not for All


In 2011, Gartner analyst Mathew Cain published an article entitled “E-Mail Is a Commodity and Other Fairy Tales” debating the idea that e-mail service is a commodity and that every business should move e-mail to the cloud (still a popular trend).  Though the market has changed considerably since then, this is still an important discussion today and the same considerations apply.

Gartner mentions security, integration and routing among other topics that should be analyzed before moving enterprise e-mail to a cloud provider. Let’s review some of the factors:


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VAN vs AS2, Which One is Right for Your Organization?

VAN vs AS2



All organizations have the need to exchange data to provide valuable information from partners to their business and as a mechanism to automate business process. The benefits of process automation are well known in most industries, but not all businesses know which data interchange options are best for their organization.

One of the first questions that organizations should answer is, “how are we going to send and receive information from our partners?” There are a lot of ways to allow communication between systems, but not all of them offer the same benefits. Also, the internet has become a very important tool for organizations. These days, you have to stay connected with the outside world to be competitive.

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5 Things IT Should be Ready to Present on Any Project



There is an ever increasing demand for quality custom software development and integration, but it has proven difficult for many businesses to take advantage of technological advancements in a cost effective manner. Many times this is due to a lack of clear communication between IT and the other parts of the business.

It can be difficult to pinpoint problems without good communication. However, a sometimes difficult part of IT management is to understand what to measure and communicate that will aid in communication, instead of complicating it further.

When your organization is certain that it’s IT department is achieving synergy and meeting the needs of the core business, that positively affects the bottom line and helps to transition IT from a cost center to a value add.

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